Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thus endeth the cricket?

This blog is dead. No one writes here anymore because no one bothers to read. The reason is simply the death of cricket. It has been killed by our bureaucratic boards run by mediocre men who know nothing about the game and cannot bear to see players earning more than them. It has been killed by their consumerism. It has been killed by their shortsightedness - aping the Australian paradigm to achieve short-term results at the cost of losing our Pakistani brand of cricket, which - oddly enough - was much more capable of bringing in the bucks. It has been killed by our media: making our up and coming talents believe they are legends and nipping them at the bud. When you see Danesh Kaneria on the "Legends" program, you know there's a problem. Lastly, it has been killed by the ICC which has neutered the players who are forced to play like zombies and not allowed to enjoy the game.

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