Sunday, August 28, 2005

Super Series?

Six useless South Africans in the Test and One Day World XI teams whereas Inzamam couldn’t find a spot in either of the squads. Unbelievable! Boucher was not even selected for South Africa last year, Ntini has absolutely no variation, and Gibbs is no where near quality. He’s not even in the top 15 of the ICC Player ratings (something that the selectors should’ve at least considered as a yard stick for selection). Kallis is probably the only class player, while Pollock has been a good performer for a while. It is worth noting that South Africa lost around 10 consecutive matches last year and were forced to sack their coach. And then you have 6 of their 11 players playing for the World XI. What is more unbelievable is that two of these players will be leading the two squads. I won’t even go into the other absurd selections, even thinking about them makes me sick.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Dearly Beloved!

We are gathered here to mark the end of Jason Gillespie as a bowler. He was a vicious bowler during his time and haunted many batsman of his era. But now, I’m afraid, he’s as useless as a hairbrush would be to Homer Simpson. (Just as I was writing that I thought up of a number of ways Homer could’ve used that hairbrush). Anyhow, it is time for the selectors to look elsewhere and save Gillespie (and the Australian team) the agony of bowling hopeless and futile overs of crap. May his soul rest in peace. Amen!