Monday, October 10, 2005

Traffic flowing only in one direction

Thats what it was like watching the super series. Even Shoaib Akhtars ball seemed to be travelling backwards, thats how ineffective everything seemed. Sehwag, the glorified Afridi, couldnt really be blamed for his poor performance, after all the only talent that can be put on display is that which is actually possesed by the individual in question. There is no doubt over the class of Kallis or Lara, but unfortunately both hadnt played for a very long time, which is actually no excuse for making a combined total of 27 runs in all three matches. Sangakarra was awesome, as was Gayle. They showed why they would have been better than punters like Afridi or Sehwag. Rahul Dravid was out of sorts at 4-down lobbing catches like his captain courageous has been doing for over a year. I dont think much should be said about Ntini, I really dont understand what he was doing in the team in the first place. Pollock, was there to make sensational claims about dashed prides and high motivation, and in the end thats all he did. Vettori was a pleasant surprise, he usually does well against Australia, unfortunately the Australians gave him enough in the first one day to bother with him again. Ahh what to say of Shahid Khan Afridi (who managed to sink to an all time low of #10 in the batting order for the final one day) he was like the cheap thrills we get at Bambino Cinema in Saddar while watching Pakistani movie trailers, Reema flaunting herself and all while the crowd laughs. Flintoff is still the king, unfortunately a king is only as good as his generals and princes and minions. I dont think anyone in a team which managed to be bowled out in 27 odd overs for 130 odd runs needs to be talked about, I dont know why I even bothered to write this!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

And the award goes to...

Has anyone ever heard of Dinesh Kartik? No, he’s not Murali Kartik, the spinner. He’s supposed to be a wicketkeeper and somehow he’s managed to get himself into the final list of nominees for the best emerging player award.

Well you all must have heard of Ian Bell. Yes, supposedly England’s most promising batsman since Gatting. Or was it Gower? Anyhow, you all must be familiar with his amazing scores in the Ashes. Played really well for his 20 something average. Well, he’s also managed to get himself to that list. Sounds like an emerging player to me. They say that the Ashes wouldn’t count towards deciding these awards. Then it most definitely has to be those special knocks he played against the insuperable Bangladeshis. He definitely has my vote.

Wait. There was this other player who I thought could’ve, well… he had a slim chance, of being named in that category. What was his name? I think it was Salman Butt. If I remember right, he made a test century at Sydney and scored 70 odd at Melbourne against Australia. But who doesn’t score against Australia, especially when it comes to test cricket. I think he also made two One-day centuries against India in India. But that shouldn’t count for much… India isn’t much of a competitor at home. The selection committee has really got it right this time. These stats show nothing of an emerging player to me. It’s after he’s scored a couple of tons against Bangladesh that’ll let him in the reckoning.

I think it would be only fair if Tendulkar gets the award. I know, I know… he’s been playing for quite some time now, but it wouldn’t be a credible list if Tendulkar’s not in it. After all, more than a billion Indians will be watching the awards and it wouldn’t be fair to them if at least half of the nominees weren’t Indian. This is where Sunil Gavaskar has really made the difference. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be assured of fair play and justice in both the ICC awards and the World XI selection.

This surely has been a fascinating and astonishing year. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t get ruined by giving the best player award to Inzamam.